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Three Unique Technologies

PanaHome offers homes in which a family can live comfortably for many years, while having minimal impact on the environment. PanaHome provides a high degree of confidence with our original technology and advanced development and production systems.

Outstanding earthquake-resistant structures

PanaHome houses feature a proprietary earthquake-resistant steel-framed structure. As a result, they are able to withstand major earthquakes and recurring tremors. The durability of PanaHome houses has been verified through rigorous full-scale vibration testing, repeated 140 times. The test houses did not suffer any damage requiring structural replacement despite being subjected to seismic intensity approximately 4.3 times that of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake (1995), and still greater than the more recent Great East Japan Earthquake. (Testing was conducted on HS construction method homes in June 2011.)

A commitment to clean air

Based on PURETECH technology for controlling airflow throughout the house, PanaHome makes clever use of the power of nature with entire-house insulation and ECO NAVI ventilation systems. By using as little energy as possible, our homes are cool in summer and warm in winter. These homes also feature ECO NAVI ventilations systems with HEPA+, equipped with the industry's first* HEPA filter. It offers healthy living environments based on the elimination of airborne particles of 2.5 and even 0.5 micrometers in diameter.
* In the industrialized housing market (according to a Sept. 2014 PanaHome survey)

Photocatalytic tiles keep exterior walls clean

KIRATECH tile exterior walls employ advanced photocatalytic technology, which allows them to self-clean when exposed to sun or rain, meaning they remain clean long term. Because they alleviate the burden of maintenance, these walls contribute to significant savings in terms of both costs and resources. They also break down hazardous atmospheric pollutants, including nitrogen oxide (NOx), thereby purifying the surrounding air.

Clean Air at Home: Achieving Dramatically Improved Air Quality

Clean air is more important than even water or food to human survival. Indoor air quality can be compromised by, among others, airborne particulates designated PM2.5*, which can trigger respiratory issues, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), a principal cause of sick house syndrome. PanaHome installs ventilation systems and highperformance exterior wall tiles that remove contaminants, thus ensuring indoor and outdoor air quality that is healthy for occupants and environment-friendly.

Committed to Air Quality

Effectiveness of original ventilation system that removes PM2.5 particulates and curbs emissions of VOCs is confi rmed through joint research and third-party verifi cation

We recently participated in a joint industrial–academic research project aimed at improving the air filtering performance of residential ventilation systems with Professor Hiroyoshi Inoue of Keio University School of Medicine's Department of Chemistry. Measurements of concentrations of airborne particulates designated PM2.5* in six PanaHome houses conducted as part of this project revealed that indoor concentrations were between 5% and 16% lower than outside the houses. Also, in March 2016 total VOC levels in New CASART houses were verified to be below standard levels by UL Japan, a subsidiary of U.S. independent safety science organization UL LLC based in the state of Illinois, and earned certification under the company's GREENGUARD Certifi cation for Homes, which verifies the quality of air inside houses.

* PM2.5 designates fine airborne particulates, that is, particulates with a diameter of 2.5μm or less (1μm = one thousandth of a millimeter).

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