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Providing an Array of Diverse Services

PanaHome makes various proposals and provides a wide range of support to help customers live in homes that are truly comfortable but that also maintain their real property value.

Providing a range of “experience menus” to enable visitors to see, touch and check the functions

We have facilities throughout the country where PanaHome' s unique housing systems are introduced to visitors. At the facilities, you can experience the interiors, equipment, specifications, and lifestyle ideas proposed by PanaHome, providing you with tips to create an ideal home.

We provide after-sale services on a continual basis to ensure safe living

Houses are the embodiment of the dreams and desires of our customers. To support the lifestyles of families over a long period of time, PanaHome has been promoting development of a lifelong contact system so that we can serve as a close partner of our customers over an extended period of time, from the time of construction, via an array of services, including long-term warranty programs, periodic inspections, and maintenance support services. This system represents the guiding principle of PanaHome, which gives top priority to customers’ lifestyles, and shows our confidence in the quality of our houses. We remain committed to ensuring housing safety and amenity to meet customers’ confidence.

Around-the-clock consulting service for customers

We support our customers in living their lives with peace of mind for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Long-term warranty up to 20 years

For the fundamental structure, we provide a long-term warranty that spans up to 20 years as provided for in the written warranty.

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