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Research and Development

PanaHome is committed to providing high-quality and high-performance
housing by conducting R&D on a continuous basis.

We ensure extensive quality control and eco consciousness in all the processes of housing development

PanaHome is pursuing high accuracy and high quality throughout all processes. Reliable production systems have been developed at our factories equipped with outstanding production and information management abilities. We were the first industrialized housing manufacturer to establish integrated quality and environmental management systems (ISO9001 and ISO14001 respectively). We are now striving to further improve quality and reduce total environmental impact in processes from R&D, product design, procurement, production, logistics, house design, construction, and after-sales services to remodeling. Furthermore, zero waste emissions have been achieved in our domestic factories and house construction sites (excluding Okinawa Prefecture) nationwide in Japan.

Head office plant in Shiga Prefecture

Plant in Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture

Construction site

Ensuring high performance by conducting tests under very severe conditions

Our home testing center makes R&D efforts on an ongoing basis to achieve higher performance. Diverse testing equipment is utilized to conduct rigorous weathering tests, including durability against heavy rain, strong wind, severe cold and heat, to check the quality and durability of PanaHome houses. These demonstration tests offer reliable data that help ensure housing amenity over a long period of time, from one generation to the next..

Home Testing Center

Extremely severe weather conditions as well as those normally experienced in Japan are artificially simulated at the center.

Solar insulation testing

The outdoor temperature is set at 50 degrees centigrade and 90% humidity.

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