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Asset Management Business

We will make proposals for the effective use of land and for the creation of a rich aging society. We will support the management of your assets toward the future.

Rental apartment housing

In its rental apartment housing business, PanaHome meets a range of requests by identifying trends in the rental home market and the needs of potential tenants. By providing tenants with well-designed rental apartments of a quality that is higher than the standard as well as solar power generation and other advanced systems, we enable them to lead safe and comfortable lives while helping the owners of the apartments manage their properties in a satisfactory manner over a long period. We will support your asset management with our fail-safe system.

We propose optimal management styles depending on the site and needs.

FICASA ECOSOLEIL rental apartments, which facilitate the installation of up to 10 kW of solar power generation capacity.

Medical and Nursing Care Facilities

PanaHome has extensive experience in creating living environments that meet the needs of seniors and offer them peace of mind. We are actively developing a solutions for seniors business together with Panasonic, which has been providing nursing care services across Japan. We provide comprehensive support for operators of medical and nursing care businesses. This includes everything from the proposal, planning and construction of senior housing that also meets the needs of those with dementia, to assistance for facility opening and new resident support, as well as services for stable facility management after opening.

Special rental housing with unique nursing care services for the elderly.

Real estate management

We will also meet requests from customers who want to purchase or sell land and residences through the wide information network of the PanaHome Group. At the same time, we support the business of those who own and manage rental apartments based on our abundant experience. We are thus engaged in a wide spectrum of real estate services.

Helping customers sell their properties through safe, reliable and speedy assessment and providing mediation services.

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