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Custom-built detached housing Businesss

Bringing together the collective strength of the Panasonic Group to realize homes that support family lifestyles.

Custom-built detached housing

PanaHome offers residences with high asset value and long-term comfort that meet various building site and lifestyle requirements. The homes are based on design ability for the construction of dwellings ranging from one to nine stories, plus advanced technical capabilities that you would expect from the Panasonic Group.

Contributing to Environmental Protection through Our Products

Creating environment-friendly houses that deliver lasting value

We continue to capitalize on the advanced technologies of the Panasonic Group to realize houses that satisfy what we view as the three basic criteria for houses of the future, namely, a solar power generation system with a storage battery, which creates and uses energy from the bounty of nature; full insulation combined with our HEPA + HEPA filter-equipped ventilation system with ECO NAVI, which maximizes energy; and HEMS, which manages energy, to which we have added Private Viera, a controller for residential use. These houses thus achieve an outstanding balance between environmental and economic performance.

Promoting the ZEH Concept

Realizing energy self-suffi ciency by advancing energy savings and creating 
and storing energy in amounts that exceed energy used

Reducing emissions of CO2 from houses is crucial to curbing global warming, a key cause of climate change. At the same time, ensuring adequate stores of energy to withstand the impact of natural disasters is also critical. In response to both of these concerns, we offer “Zero Eco” houses, which are houses that achieve an energy performance in excess of the level implicit in the “zero-energy house (ZEH)” concept—in other words, houses create more energy than they use. We view “Zero Eco” houses as the standard for houses of the future.

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