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Custom-built detached housing Businesss

PanaHome offers a smart living environment for the next generation by using a variety of technologies and the Panasonic Group' s comprehensive strengths.

Custom-built detached housing

PanaHome' s ‘eco ideas’ homes are designed to ensure the comfort of inhabitants while considering the future of our planet. Based on an environment-friendly building, we offer a diverse range of detached housing—from single-story homes to five-story multipurpose dwellings—that delivers comfort and remains a quality asset for a long period of time.



To improve energy self-sufficiency and further reduce CO2 emissions, we are providing smart houses incorporating energy creation, saving, and storage systems and the HEMS technology for efficiently managing these systems. PanaHome is leading next-generation lifestyles by proposing layout variations that enable family members to have leisurely time.

CASART ECO CORDIS, launched in April 2013 in commemoration of our 50th anniversary

Multipurpose entry hall offers the perfect place to chat with visitors Roof consisting of solar panels CASART ECO CORDIS boasts a variety of advanced features, including a roof that actually consists of solar panels. This innovative model also incorporates Panasonic’s exclusive Heterojunction with Intrinsic Thin layer (HIT) solar power generation system, which delivers industry-leading generating efficiency, thereby making it possible to install 10 kW of capacity, significant given the total floor space of approximately 115㎡, which is average for two-story houses in Japan. A superb environmental performance is ensured. Designed as a home that supports practical, technologically advanced and forward-looking lifestyles, CASART ECO CORDIS features a front walk that is safe, convenient and inherently accessible to everyone, from children through to seniors.

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