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Message from the President

PanaHome was founded in 1963 with a strong sense of mission inherited from the founder, Konosuke Matsushita - creating optimal houses to provide the most important foundation for human lives. Every since, we have maintained our passion for home building to search for the essence of what makes a home, and helped realize healthy, safe, and comfortable lifestyles for our customers.

The most important thing for us is customer satisfaction.
We will deploy the home building knowhow and technologies cultivated by PanaHome and Panasonic over many years to meet the various lifestyle dreams of our customers and deliver richer, more comfortable lifestyles. We will manage the company based upon the collective knowledge of our individual employees, and work as hard as possible to stay close to our customer's lives and ensure that our customers - and society as a whole - can trust and depend on us.

The core of our business operations will be to advance the four businesses we have previously focused upon for our growth strategies - custom-built housing, urban development, residential stock, and overseas businesses - with greater speed than ever before. By supplying homes that will live on as valuable assets in forthcoming years and decades, we will contribute to the future of our planet and the development of lifestyle cultures.

To this end, I ask for your continued cooperation and support for our company.

Ryuji Matsushita
President & CEO

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