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  • Building Materials Department of Matsushita Electric Works Co., Ltd. (Panasonic Corporation today) begins development of prefabricated housing units.


  • “Matsushita Type-One Housing Units” is introduced to the market.
  • Housing Department is established within Matsushita Electric Works Co., Ltd.
  • National House industrial Co., Ltd. is established.
  • Koto Plant (present Head Plant) opens in Shiga Prefecture.


  • The Company lists its stock on the second sections of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Osaka Securities Exchanges.
  • The commercial song “le wo tsukurunara (if you build your house)” gains popularity among young people.
  • The Company lists its stock on the first sections of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Osaka Securities Exchange.
  • The Company is granted certification under the Performance Appraisal of Prefabricated Housing by the Ministry of Construction.
  • The Company adopts “PanaHome” as its brand name.
  • The Company completes its first urban development project,“Hirakata PanaTown” (Osaka).


  • The Company wins the Ministry of Construction Award in the competition category of housing design for energy conservation.
  • “PanaTown Development Plan” is given the Ministry of Construction Award in the 1983 Community Development Design competition.
  • New corporate slogan, “Shin Kurashibunka no souzo (Creating New Ways of Living)” is adopted as a corporate identity concept, and a CI logo is produced.
  • Proprietary ventilation system named “Health and Comfort Air-conditioning System” is developed.
  • Fureai Tomonokai (PanaHome Owner’s Club),” an association of clients, is founded to better serve clients’ needs.
  • Ministry of Construction Award is won in the 1988 Community Development Design Competition.


  • Sun Village Fukuoka, a residential district developed by the Company, wins the Fukuoka Urban Beautification Award.
  • The Company is given the Ministry of International Trade and Industry Award for its contribution to the enhancement of the quality of prefabricated housing.
  • Names of all the alliance companies are changed nationwide. New CI is introduced.
  • The number of orders received per month for the “Sun Varie” housing line reaches a record 942.
  • To mark the 30th anniversary of establishment, the Company makes a renewed effort in pursuit of greater customer satisfaction.
  • Housing built with decorative concrete blocks named “Grand Verde” wins Good Design Award.
  • The Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake occurs, during which not a single PanaHome unit is destroyed or even partially destroyed, proving the superior earthquake resistance of PanaHome structures.
  • “Environmentally Symbiotic Housing” certification is granted by the Institute for Building Environment and Energy Conservation.


  • The corporate name is changed to PanaHome Corporation. New corporate slogan “With Your Dreams” is adopted and a new CI is introduced. Actress Takako Matsu is signed to appear in its advertisements.
  • The Company becomes a consolidated subsidiary of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. (Panasonic Corporation today), following the reorganization of the Matsushita Group.
  • ELSOLANA KIRATECH, Eco-Life Homes featuring outer walls that incorporate the latest photocatalytic technology is introduced to the market.
  • The number of orders for “ELSOLANA” Eco-Life Homes reaches a cumulative total of 5,000.
  • PanaHome Real Estate Corporation is established to specialize in real estate and rental apartment management.
  • Housing lines that incorporate a feminine perspective, “SOLANA eu Lucia” and “SOLBIOS eu Lucia” are introduced to the market.
  • Model houses where customers can stay overnight to experience the comfort offered by the living environment unique to PanaHome are opened on a nationwide basis.
  • The SOLANA series is awarded a Special Prize in the “House of the Year in Electric 2007” event.
  • Proposal submitted by the Company is adopted in schemes entitled the first “Initiative Model Project for Developing Long-Life Houses” and the first and second “Model Project for Reducing CO2 Emissions from Residential and Commercial Buildings” in fiscal 2008.
  • The Company releases new houses: “NEW ELSOLANA” developed using state-of-the-art environmentally friendly technologies to save and create energy; “eu*Lucia We” combining our eco concepts; and “solbios archi mode” urban 3-story house inspired by the ideas of architects.
  • The “ELSOLANA” is awarded the Grand Prize in the “House of the Year in Electric 2008.”
  • The “EL MAISON” rental apartment home offering long-time value while achieving satisfactory rental business management is introduced to the market.
  • The PanaHome City Seishin Minami housing estate in Hyogo Prefecture is selected as one of 100 excellent regional projects introducing new types of energy.
  • The Company’s proposal is adopted for the first “Initiative Model Project for Developing Long-Life Houses” in fiscal 2009.
  • Three proposals submitted by the Company are adopted for the first model project for the stable provision of housing for the elderly in fiscal 2009.
  • The “Solbios Archi Mode” urban-style three-storied house wins a Good Design Award 2009.


  • The Company releases the “NEW ELSOLANA” series, which can easily be remodeled in response to changes in life stages.
  • For the third consecutive year, the Company receives awards at the “House of the Year in Electric 2009” – awards for energy-efficient all-electric houses with low CO2 emissions – specifically a prize of excellence and a special prize for excellent companies.
  • PanaHome Taiwan Residence Co., Ltd., an affiliated company, is established. The condominium and detached house remodeling business is launched.
  • Became the first company in the industry to supply Whole-building Leasing System for special rental housing with nursing care services for the elderly, which help the owners of the land stably manage their properties and also help meet the needs of both an aging society and the local community.
  • Research facilities dedicated to the development of a “zero carbon footprint house” are completed within the Company’s head office plant. The study is jointly conducted by the Panasonic Group and an industry-university cooperative research group. Verification testing is started in preparation for product commercialization.
  • The Company launched sales of “CASART” series houses that represent a new construction method to enable planning with 150 mm increments, the first in the industry.
  • The Company received prizes in the “House of the Year in Electric 2010” awards in three categories: detached houses, remodeling projects, and apartments. The Company has won the prize in the category of detached houses for four straight years, and thus received a special prize for excellent companies.
  • Premiart Design Office Corporation was established as the Company’s wholly-owned subsidiary specializing in design.
  • The Company launched sales of "EL MAISON FICASA" rental apartments that embody the technologies and solution-offering capabilities of PanaHome’s ‘eco ideas’ Homes.
  • Launched the “Vieuno” urban-style three-, four-, and five-story homes that incorporate stainless steel framing and provide considerable layout flexibility.
  • Introduced “CASART TERRA,” a zero carbon footprint house made possible by new ‘eco ideas’ technologies.
  • Obtained a construction license in Taiwan and set up a housing company, PanaHome Taiwan Co., Ltd.
  • Began promoting PanaHome Smart City developments across Japan as part of its solutions for communities for pursuing smart and sustainable lifestyles.
  • Released “CASART FAMIO” homes, which provide layout variations and achieve zero utility costs.
  • Started nationwide marketing of “Lacine,” a new brand of rental apartment complex for women designed to suit their preferences.
  • Introduced the new “Smart PanaHome” series, which adopts SMARTHEMS for effective energy control throughout the house and enables residents to enjoy comfortable lifestyles without having to make any extra efforts to save energy.
  • Won the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Award at the 9th Eco Products Awards (Eco Products category) in recognition of its full insulation system and a proprietary integrated hybrid ventilation system with Panasonic's ECO NAVI.
  • Released the “CASART ECO CORDIS,” whose roof actually consists of solar panels and ensures a superior environmental performance through functional and innovative design.
  • The “CASART TERRA” was awarded the special grand prize in "House of the Year in Energy 2012".
  • Established Tsunagari no Hiroba (“Community Ties Plaza”) green zone on the Company’s head office premises to commemorate the Company’s 50th anniversary. This zone is designed to help preserve local ecological networks and serve as a safety area in an emergency.
  • Released the “FICASA ECOSOLEIL” rental apartments equipped with high-capacity solar power generation systems, boasting high profitability and superb environmental performance.
  • PanaHome Reform Co., Ltd., a subsidiary specializing in home remodeling, launched its operations.
  • The PanaHome Family Forests were opened in Iwate and Gifu Prefectures as a project to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Company’s establishment.
  • The ECO CORDIS and FICASA ECOSOLEIL were chosen to receive the New Energy Foundation Chairman’s Award at the New Energy Awards.
  • The Company was awarded the Special Grand Prize and the Excellent Corporation Prize for the second consecutive year at “House of the Year in Energy 2013.”
  • The “Vieuno 7” was launched as Japan’s first urban-style seven-story prefabricated house.
  • The “ECO CORDIS II” advanced smart house with enhanced wellness and smart features was released.
  • Actor Hidetoshi Nishijima was signed to appear in advertisements.
  • PanaHome Asia Pacific Pte, Ltd. is founded in Singapore as our headquarters for the ASEAN region.
  • First overseas contractor construction project, “Yusongjun” condominium, is completed in Taipei, Taiwan.
  • Completion of New “CASART” homes with “Zero Eco” environmental features as standard, which exceed zero net energy performance criteria.
  • Established PanaHome MKH Malaysia Sdn Bhd as a new company for collaboration with Malaysian developer MKH.
  • Launched “CASART Tokimeki Selection,” homes created based on feedback from 5,000 customers across Japan.
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